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The Online Tally learning solution, www.tallyinfo.com is designed & developed by:

BV2K Solutions
Email: webmaster@tallyinfo.com

About project:

www.tallyinfo.com is based on the e-learning Project made by BV2K Solutions. The Original project can be viewed here. We are open to modifying this project into your own e-Learning Suite. You can contact us by sending a mail at elearn@bhavikvora.com. We are also open to more challenging projects.

More about BV2K Solutions:

BV2K Solutions provides affordable, quality web solution services. BV2K Solutions wouldn’t be BV2K Solutions without the help of some great software, great programmers, and great people.s This website was created by a bunch of good-hearted, talented folks working to a tight schedule.

The Team:
Bhavik Vora (contact @t bhavikvora d0t com) - http://bhavikvora.com
Krunal Dedhia (krusaint @t hotmail d0t com)
Veenit Mavani (veenit_m @t hotmail d0t com )

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